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General information

The quality of a rubber compound is often decisive for the quality and functionality of the final product. Therefore, high quality levels in the dispersion of the compound as well as an optimum compound composition (recipe) are required. In order to be able to deliver these high quality levels required by our customers, it is necessary for HEXPOL Compounding to offer to their customers a total system, consisting of:

  • an experienced development- and production team, ensuring the latest "state-of-the-art" technology in e.g. compound development and production processes
  • a high quality of raw materials
  • superior quality, highly economical compounds, produced on mixing lines based on the latest innovative technology
  • close cooperation with our customers aimed at continuous improvement of the quality and economics of our products

All Hexpol Compounding plants are ISO 9001 certified. Through close monitoring of process performance, all members of the personnel are committed to improve the performance and effectiveness of the quality management system with the goal to achieve the highest level of product and service quality. Highly automated production processes store relevant data from each process step, such as raw material data, mixing parameters and final control of the products. These data are available online and used to control process and product performance. Each plant is equipped with a production control laboratory performing extensive testing.