HEXPOL Compounding Burton Rubber Processing, OH, USA

HEXPOL Compounding Burton Rubber Processing is dedicated to technological leadership in the development and production of high quality rubber compounds. Our approach involves integration of materials, recipe, mixing, customer specifications and customer processes to arrive at high quality solutions at the best cost. 

Founded in 1975, HEXPOL Compounding Burton Rubber Processing produces a wide range of synthetic compounds for the transportation, tire, industrial and rolls market. The compounds are produced on highly automated and fully process-controlled mixing lines, based on the latest technology.


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Certificate ISO 14001

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2 mixers (2x250l); capacity: 50.000 tpa
Gear pump extruder, TSR
In-line straining and granulation technology
Black compounds 
On-line quality control
Fully integrated production process

HEXPOL Compounding Burton Rubber Processing
260 Old State Route 34 P.O. Box 377
Jonesborough, TN 37659
Tel: +1 423 753 2196
Fax: +1423 753 3379
Email: info.jon@hexpol.com

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