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History information

The principle phases in the development of  HEXPOL Compounding HQ are:

The Swedish Hexagon AB acquires Gislaved Gummi AB, Sweden.

Acquisition of GFD Technology GmbH, Germany by Hexagon AB.

Acquisition of Thona Group (founded in 1997), Belgium, with operations in Belgium, Czech Republic, Canada and the US by Hexagon AB.
Decision to keep a headquarter in Belgium (Thona Group) to supervise the activities within the group and to assist the group with various services.

Foundation of Hexagon Polymers AB.

Name change from Thona Group into Hexagon Polymers Compounding HQ.

New Greenfield operations in China and Mexico.

Acquisition of Goldkey Processing Ltd., US.

Name change into HEXPOL Compounding HQ (under Hexpol AB, Hexagon Polymers AB before) due to a separate listing of the polymers operations on the OMX stock exchange, Sweden.

2010 (April): 
Acquisition of ELASTO, former VTC-TPE, a leading developer and manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomer compounds (TPE compounding) with production units in Great Britain and Sweden. 

2010 (November): 
Acquisition of Excel Polymers with 8 manufacturing sites in the UK, China, Mexico and the USA (5). 

2012 (January): 
Acquisition of Müller Kunststoffe GmbH, a leading Central European manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomer compounds (TPE compounding) with two production units in Southern Germany.

2012 (November):
Acquisition of Robbins Holdings Inc. incl. Robbins LCC, a leading US rubber compounder and a global leader in molded envelopes and curing tubes for especially truck, heavy equipment and airplane tires with two production units.

2014 (August):
Acquisition of Kardoes Rubber Co. from the founder Frank Kardoes who started Kardoes Rubber in 1988, a well-known US rubber compounder with one manufacturing facility in La
Fayette, Alabama.

2014 (November):
HEXPOL acquires VIGAR Rubber Compounding business within Grupo Vigar from the founders'families, a well-known European Rubber Compounder with two manufacturing facilities in Spain and Germany.

2014 (December):
HEXPOL acquires the business of Portage Precision Polymers Inc. from the founder Mr. Doug Hartley and his family. Portage Precision is a well-known Rubber Compounder in the US market. with two manufacturing facilities in Ohio (Ravenna and Mogadore). The Ravenna facility is however not included in the transaction and its business will be transferred to other HEXPOL facilities.

2015 (January):
Acquisition of the RheTech group, a well-known Thermoplastics Compounder in the US market from the founders family. RheTech with great experience of polymer compounding is a leading provider of polyolefin compounds, engineered resins and multifunctional colorant and additives with four manufacturing plants.

2016 (June):
Acquisition of BERWIN group, a well-known leading UK rubber compounder with 2 manufacturing facilities in Dukinfield, UK and 1 in Lydney, UK. A further step in expanding and strengthening the HEXPOL Group. Berwin, with its competence and capabilities ,fits nicely into the HEXPOL Group and gives a stronger UK presence.

2018 (September):
Acquisition of Kirkhill Rubber Solutions, a well-known leading USA rubber compounder with 2 manufacturing facilities in Long Beach and Downey, California from the founder Mr Edward Reker, his family and co-owners.
Kirkhill is an industry leasder with with experienc ein areospace, automotive, plumbiing rubber and many other industrial rubber parts. Most recently with expansion into silicone and perfluoroelastomer compounds.

2018 (October):
Acquisition of 80 percent of the shares in MESGO Group from the existing main owner Mr. Francesco Caldara and co-owners. MESGO Group is an industry leader in high performance elastomers as fluorocarbons and silicone. In addition, MESGO also specializes in conventional rubber compounds and thermoplastics. The major customer segments MESGO focuses on are industry, consumer products, transportation and automotive. MESGO has 4 state of art facilities in Italy, 1 in Poland and 1 in Turkey.




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