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Welcome to HEXPOL Compounding HQ, Belgium

HEXPOL Compounding HQ is located in Eupen, Belgium. It functions as a service provider for the worldwide compounding operations coordinating the following services: 

  • Research and development coordination
  • Global customer agreements
  • Global supplier agreements
  • Engineering
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Quality systems
  • Training

The worldwide compounding operations include 21 manufacturing sites with more than 1.930 employees and a total worldwide capacity of nearly 643.000 tpa. HEXPOL Compounding HQ provides the vision and structure to allow each plant to best serve their local customers through ongoing training programs and web-based knowledge databases which are amongst the most advanced in the industry. The ambition is to continuously grow and to remain number one custom compounder for all technical rubber applications in the world.

Building -hq -400-230

HEXPOL Compounding HQ sa 
Gewerbestrasse 8
4700 Eupen
Tel: +32 87 59 61 50 
Fax: +32 87 59 61 69 
Email: info.hq@hexpol.com


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