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Rubber Compounds Formulated for the Roller Industry

At HEXPOL Compounding's Rolls Business Unit, known as HEXPOL Compounding Kennedale, TX, we have been serving the roller industry since 1983. As the global leader in formulating and mixing compounds for the rubber roller industry, we deliver excellent support and technical service, as well as assistance in manufacturing and processing for our customers worldwide.

HEXPOL Compounding Kennedale, TX, offers more than just an extensive range of high quality, off-the-shelf rubber compounds formulated specifically for the roller industry. We also offer a thorough understanding of the industry as well as its requirements. Our in-house laboratory, which uses the most advanced rubber testing equipment, chemistry and technology - including immersion, physical & analytical testing - allow us to formulate a compound precisely to meet the exact demands of a specific roller application.

An extensive quality system throughout our entire process, which has earned ISO9001 registration, assures our customers that our compounds will meet or exceed their requirements.

HEXPOL Compounding Kennedale, TX, is committed to serving the global needs of the roller industry. Through our high quality products, advances in technology, and knowledge of the industry, we can assure that you will get what you need every time.